What do we offer?

There are various support measures by the state to create a favorable business and investment environment for entrepreneurs in industrial zones and agricultural parks. Thus, along with organizational support, entrepreneurs are offered tax and customs incentives, as well as provision of ready-made infrastructure. Residents of industrial parks are exempted from property tax, land tax, income or profit tax for 10 years from the date of their registration, VAT on the import of machinery, technological equipment and facilities imported for production purposes as well as customs duties for 10 years. In industrial parks, state-funded modern and extensive infrastructure is offered to residents based on the "Plug&Play" principle. The modern infrastructure created at the expense of state funds allows entrepreneurs to direct their funds directly to the project as an investment.


Investment opportunities


  • Land plots with full infrastructure are leased to entrepreneurs for a long time in industrial parks.
  • Land plots with full infrastructure, as well as ready-made buildings, are leased to entrepreneurs for a long time in industrial districts.
  • Land plots provided with the necessary infrastructure are leased to entrepreneurs for a long time in state agricultural parks since necessary measures are taken to provide entrepreneurs with infrastructure in private agricultural parks. 


Financing mechanisms


  • Preferential loans are granted by the Entrepreneurship Development Fund through authorized credit organizations (banks, non-bank credit organizations, credit unions, etc.) in priority areas determined by the Fund's Supervisory Board. More detailed information can be obtained from the website of the Foundation.
  • Azerbaijan Investment Company can provide up to 30% financing of the project based on the participation period of 5-7 years. Information about the mechanism and priority areas can be obtained from the Company's website.


How to become a resident 


  • Do you want to implement an investment project in industrial zones and agricultural parks? Use this link to apply.
  • What documents do you need to submit to the Economic Zones Development Agency? Investment project - Business Plan. You can get acquainted with the requirements for the Business Plan here.